How to Build a Personal Brand

Building a personal brand is the cornerstone of a long-term marketing-driven real estate business that attracts customers. If your real estate business is built on your prospecting activities and you are tired of the never-ending prospecting grind. This course is for you.

Building an effective personal brand is a lot more than slapping your name and logo on your materials.

In the "How to Build a Personal Brand" course, you will learn…

  • What are the key elements of an effective personal brand.
  • Why memorability and likability are critical in creating a personal brand.
  • Why a personal brand must touch prospects emotionally.
  • How to use your personal brand on social media.
  • The five biggest mistakes that most agents make, that stop their personal brand from taking root so that it starts attracting business.
  • The fastest way to establish your personal brand in any market.
  • What is in an effective personal brochure, and how to use it effectively.
  • Why using video is critical to building your personal brand in today's social media driven market.

This course is currently being updated. Check back soon.