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Greg Herder

In his early twenties, Greg Herder was hired by Jim Rohn, the personal development author and speaker. Jim inspired Greg to be the best he could be. Greg went on to build a successful real estate business and co-founded Hobbs/Herder Advertising, the industry-changing real estate training and marketing company. For 29 years, Greg traveled around the United States and Canada teaching real estate agents how to tap into the power of personal branding. Today is the CEO of Greg Herder Training, an online real estate training company. He is also a part-time Professor at California State University, teaching professional sales and marketing. He also does the occasional seminar or keynote speech. In addition to his real estate training courses, Greg also teaches programs on personal development, sharing the insights that he learned from Jim Rohn as well as a lifetime of personal development. Greg believes that success and happiness in life are directly correlated with a person’s personal development as a human being. Today Greg’s passion is in teaching people how to tap into the power of personal development so that they live the life they have always dreamt they could.

Greg Herder is dedicated to helping you pursue your dreams, achieve your goals, and meet your aspirations.