Greg Herder's Past Client Follow Up System

Ever had a past client NOT call you and list with another agent?

Need a proven system for past client follow up that REALLY works?

Frustrated you just can’t stay on top of keeping in touch with people?

Ever felt the sting of YOUR client giving a referral to ANOTHER agent?

Ever let months (even years) pass by and you’re afraid to reach out to past clients?

Then this Online Training Course is for YOU:
The Past Client Follow Up System
(That Generates a Steady Flow of Referrals!)



This online course is designed to show veteran agents how to get a minimum of 10 additional transactions for every 50 clients in your database. If you are a new agent, this course will show you how to correctly set up a “relationship building” follow up system that will begin generating referrals immediately from your first closed transactions!

Which of these describes you?

The “Relationship Rekindling Letter”

So many agents get caught up in the “chasing the next deal” whirlwind, or they buy a gimmicky trinket or gift basket and then promptly lose touch with their past clients. If you are like most agents, you aren’t even dialed into reaching out to these valuable sources of referrals and repeat business. Or worse, you are just too embarrassed to contact them out of the blue after such long neglect. As part of this online course, you will get access to Greg Herder’s “Relationship Rekindling Letter,” a powerful, carefully tested AND PROVEN letter designed to strategically rekindle the relationship with your neglected past clients! The letter is designed to be a warm and natural re-connector, allowing you to re-establish that connection you worked so hard to create. Then, once the letter has worked its magic, Greg’s step-by-step program shows you exactly what to mail (and when) and maintain this steady referral source for years to come!

There is so much value in this online course, this one Letter that Greg gives you is worth more than $200 alone!

This Referral Generation Online Training Course is over one hour of powerful and valuable information that you will have unlimited access to for six months!

Having an effective past client and sphere of influence follow up system with strategic touches and mailings is one of the quickest ways to generate immediate commissions! Yet, far too many agents really don’t think too deeply about maximizing this gold mine of a lead source, or they keep making these 4 core deadly mistakes that costs them dearly:

Here are the 4 Core Mistakes Agents Make That Costs Them in Lost Transactions (and The Powerful Solutions):


Mistake# 1. You implement a standardized or CRM “off-the-shelf-canned-follow-up sytem,” but you are not getting the number of referrals you should be getting (and unknowingly, you could be actually undermining the relationship with your client).

We can hear you now. “Oh, I already have a system in place. It was provided by my company, or it comes with my CRM (Customer Relationship Management) program. Are you happy with it? It certainly might be “highly automated.” But do you really think an “automated” system of canned emails is going to be effective at building and retaining a relationship? That is the real danger with these types of systems, they are only canned emails designed to be sent automatically in your name, and while it keeps your name in front of your past clients, it does nothing to foster, build and maintain the relationship that is the main driver behind referrals and repeat business. IN FACT, studies show that these systems do the EXACT OPPOSITE and tear down your relationship and this will cost you in referrals and business.

The SOLUTION: Greg’s Follow Up System is different. All the materials he provides are carefully and strategically designed to BUILD and maintain your relationships! Yes, there are email samples to send in his program, but it’s the innovative pieces that are designed to be MAILED at strategic times during the year that make your emails, and the entire program that much more effective. Yes, it’s a little more work than just spitting out automated emails, but it will dramatically increase your referrals and repeat business by 5, 10, 15 and even more transactions, based on the size of your past client database.

Mistake# 2. Your failure set up the right system is actually costing you in real LOST referrals and repeat business.

Too many agents rely only on just closing gifts and trinkets and that’s the extent of their “system.” Others have systems, but they are not effective at building RELATIONSHIPS. Whether you are an agent who is using an “off the shelf company or CRM supplied system or you don’t have any system at all, you are letting referral dollars slip through your fingers. Is this you? Are you too busy chasing the next deal and your “relationships” are going by the wayside? Uh-oh. That’s lost referrals and dollars being pulled out of your pocket. Have you every experienced the painful agony of a past client listing their house with another agent? That’s a clear sign that you failed to establish the deep relationship that should guarantee that listing to you!

The SOLUTION: Greg’s online course explains why so many “off the shelf” systems are shortchanging their users because although they are automated and easy to use, they do not do a sufficient job of building a deep and long term relationship. Greg not only shows you what type of materials WILL build that DEEP relationship, he gives you the materials and tells you EXACTLY WHEN TO MAIL OR SEND IT. No more guessing. And because he shows you how to set up a system, it’s a “no-brainer” foolproof way to keep your name on top of their minds. This online course can mean the difference between just squeaking by, being just a good agent, or taking your business to top producer status!

Mistake# 3. You get busy, lose touch and then you feel too embarrassed to reach out to past clients.

When you started your career, like EVERY agent out there, you swore that you would lavish your clients with attention, you would forever follow up with them, long after the transaction closed. You said you would never be one of THOSE agents who didn’t follow up, you and your clients were going to be friends for life. But yet, somehow, you let it happen. You’re not alone. With most agents, their focus is spread over managing current business, prospecting for new business and the day-to-day grind that is called being an agent. Then, you either become too embarassed to reach out, or WORSE, you reach out with the WRONG type of communication and alienate that client’s good will forever!

The SOLUTION: When you attend this online course, you get Greg’s incredible “Relationship Rekindling” Letter. This letter alone is worth hundreds of dollars, and is just one component of the incredible value this course offers. You also get materials you can use that allow you implement several other key touches, letters, email samples and the month by month schedule of when to send them. This program has been carefully honed, crafted, tested and tweaked over many years and with many agent success stories verifying its effectiveness. Just think about it, all those neglected clients can come back into your world and with Greg’s system, you can turn the referral “spigot” back on and get instant goodwill again!

Mistake# 4. You fail to capitalize during the last week of the transaction and “set the hook” for instant referrals.
Far too many agents don’t fully comprehend the scope of what simple things they can do at the end of a transaction to turn a happy client into a RAVING FAN who can’t wait to refer you to their friends and their sphere of influence. This is such a misunderstood concept and the reason so many agents commit this mistake again and again. This is a shame because it is such a powerful referral generator!

The SOLUTION: In Greg’s online course, he not only shares his “CLIENT HERO” strategies that turn a happy client into a RAVING-REFERRAL-GENERATING-FAN, he gives you the actual tools you need to accomplish this. The form, survey and questionnaire you need to utilize are included with this online course. You can immediately download them, become their “hero,” and start creating raving fans.
What’s it cost? Will I get value for my investment? What should I pay for an online course with this much value?
Here’s what you get with Greg’s Online Course. Remember, it’s not only the systems and strategies, it’s also the actual letters and materials and the schedule of when to send them.



Let’s add it up so far:

You get the “Relationship Rekindling” letter, valued at more than $200!

This online course also covers and provides Greg Herder’s incredible “Client Hero Service” form, designed to help you turn your clients into RAVING FANS, this form purchased separately would be valued at more than $350!

You get Greg’s “Real Estate Expert” letter, designed to allow you to give your insight and forecast of where the market is going, and this letter cements your client’s perception of your expertise and value. It’s valued at more than $250!

You also get the “Referral Request” letter that has been carefully crafted to strategically “ask for the business” in a way that dramatically increases the amount of real referrals, valued at more than $150!

Greg shares email samples and social media posts that you implement along with the other touches. These “digital touches” are important to the effectiveness of the campaign.

With this course, you also get a step-by-step game plan and system which explains exactly what to send over the 12 months and when to send it. It’s REFERRAL GENERATION FOR DUMMIES and it takes the guess work out of the equation, putting your referral program virtually on auto-pilot. If you had a professional marketing company set up this system, you would pay up to $475!

That’s over $1,425 in real value, over $1,425 in marketing pieces and ready-to-implement strategies. BUT this online course covers so much more in addition. Some of the topics Greg will cover:

  • How often to stay in touch (learn why the wrong number of touches can actually cost you in lost referrals!)
  • What type of info, personal/professional/market related, you should send
  • How to make sure they not only remember your name but never think about calling another agent. (This secret is a game changer!)
  • How to use YouTube to easily create the most powerful testimonials you can imagine. (Video is the future, Greg shows you the inside tips!)
  • How, when and why to call and, very important, exactly what to say (it’s a shame that so many agents botch this part)
  • Discover the single most successful closing gift that creates a strong emotional bond with your past client (one small gift=one big referral!)
  • How to use Social Media to not just stay in touch but create deeper relationships that translate into increased referral business
  • How to use a special event as your secret referral weapon (there is nothing more powerful than bringing all your satisfied clients into the same room, if done right, it can exponentially increase your referrals!)
  • So many more great strategies to put in place in an easy-to-execute successful past client system that will make you more money!

Don’t wait any longer to revolutionize this CRITICAL area of your business. Turn past clients into a long term and sustainable gold mine!



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