The Listing Presentation That Works Every Time!

I know where you’re coming from…

Your marketing and your referral systems help get you in the door, but you can’t always turn that listing presentation into business. It can be extremely frustrating because you know how good your services are, but those potential clients just aren’t “sold” enough to sign on the dotted line. Or even worse, the agent presenting after you could be undermining all the hard work you put into explaining to the homeowner what you do differently and what you do better! How fair is that?

So Let Me Ask You…Have You Had Enough of This Inconsistency Yet?

Good, because it’s time to take control of your listing presentations!

  • It’s time to start “wowing” every potential client from the moment you walk through their door.
  • It’s time to get them to understand the strategies for effective pricing so they put their home on the market at a price that will sell quickly.
  • It’s time to have them eating out of the palm of your hand by asking all the right questions, so they willingly take your recommendations.
  • It’s time to dump that pre-listing package. You won’t need it anymore!
  • It’s time to get every listing AND have each client accept your full commission.

Enroll in “The Listing Presentation That Works Every Time”

and Watch the Light Go On…

ListingPresentationCarouselWith this incredible program, you’ll have the ultimate listing presentation strategies working for you…giving you a distinct advantage over your competition.

The magic behind “The Listing Presentation That Works Every Time” is its amazing simplicity. At first glance, you might think this is just another sales scheme. But when you dig deeper into the program, you’ll find it’s a career-altering approach.

Once you truly adopt these strategies and apply these proven techniques, you’ll find it works every time AND gets the home priced to sell. It’s an unbeatable combination that will become your secret weapon to more transactions almost instantly.

But don’t just take Greg’s word for it…

“The listing presentation webinar provided me with the logistics of how to approach a sticky listing presentation without losing a prospect. The customer wanted to list his home at 2005 pricing. I used the appraisal strategy to get him to that happy place of understanding and then advised that if he wanted to get more than current market pricing, it would serve him best to wait. He will be listing his property for rent through our rental property management team instead and I will be submitting an offer for the property he is interested in tomorrow.”

—Al Crosbie, • Miloff Aubuchon Realty Group • Ft. Myers, Florida

“Thanks so much for the webinar. I had a listing appointment right after your seminar! It was great and very interesting that the conversation with the seller went really well, even with no practice. On her own, she actually brought up the ramifications if the house did not sell, without me asking. She said her husband would move jobs every four years. Usually she got left behind to clean up and sell the house left all alone. She said, “Not this time!” The seller pretty much went through the script as you said. She had been a FSBO for many of her homes. After the “friendly” discussion, she realized on her own that this is not the environment for a FSBO strategy. This was great! I took four pages of notes but appreciate having the notes and recording of the webinar as part of my registration.”

—Kim Jones • Tarbell, Realtors • Palm Springs, CA

“With the present market conditions, it is difficult to communicate to sellers and have them understand clearly the steps required to get their home sold. I found the webinar to be a refreshing new way to discuss pricing strategies that make sense and show the seller a blueprint on how we are going to get their home sold. I like the concept and the ideas presented by Greg, and I would recommend the webinar to anyone serious about getting their listings sold in a tough market.”

—Gord Hoffman • Prudential Kelowna Properties • Kelowna, BC Canada

This powerful webinar will arm you with strategies and insights that will change the way you do business —and get you more listings locked down. Just imagine, never going home disappointed with a failed listing appointment again. Imagine having that listing contract in hand, signed by that client and ensuring that full commission will be yours. Imagine walking away with the perfect price point already set, so you know the home will sell quickly once it goes on the market.

Well, imagine no more. Just sign up for “The Listing Presentation That Works Every Time”


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