Building Buyer Loyalty in Today's Economy

Have you ever asked yourself…
“…Why don’t buyers respect my time?”

BuildingBuyerLoyaltyCarouseEver spend all day with buyers never to hear from them again? Get frustrated because too many of your buyers end up using another agent? Need a way to get buyers to stick with you and complete the purchase?

It’s a maddening part of real estate. You get a lead from a buyer, make an appointment to show them homes, spend hours upon hours showing them home after home and then something happens. They stop returning your phone calls and – “poof” – they’re gone. We chalk it up to “that’s the way the business works” or “that’s human nature.” You know what? That’s a cop out. The reality is you can’t erase this behavior but you can certainly exponentially increase your success ratio for buyer retention. Tomorrow. That’s a fact. But you have to know the right approach. You have to have a STRATEGY.

This powerful 75 minute training course will give you exactly that strategy:

  • Here’s what you’ll learn:
  • Why the secret to buyer loyalty is not a buyer’s contract.
  • How to think like a buyer (hint: you really don’t know how they think)
  • Exactly how buyers evaluate an agent. It’s not how you think they evaluate you.
  • Whether you’re making the key mistakes most agents make with buyers that discourage loyalty and actually make buyers seek out another agent.
  • The power of using a buyer questionnaire.
  • How to stay in touch without coming across too strong.
  • How to use social media to build buyer loyalty and generate referrals.And so much more…you will be amazed by how many things you do every day with buyers that actually DECREASE LOYALTY.

Building Buyer Loyalty in Today’s Economy

The educational course is for you if:

  • You’d love to have more closed buyer transactions.
  • You don’t have time to waste schlepping around buyers who have no respect for your time and no loyalty to you.
  • You know there’s something you could do differently, but you’re just not sure what.
  • You do pretty good with buyers but you’re always looking for a way to get better and beat out the competition
  • You love the idea that you can actually work less and have less stress AND do more buyer transactions.
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