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License to Sell! The Art of Turning a Conversation into a Listing!

The Art of Turning a Conversation into a Listing!

Kaizenlicenseby Dennis LeBlanc
Vice President/Creative Director – Greg Herder Training

Over the years, we’ve preached the importance of changing from a “sales mentality” to a “marketing mentality.” A sales mindset is basically chasing prospects who are ready to sell now, while a marketing mindset is all about setting up a system where you brand yourself and work that brand to create a steady flow of business coming your way. A marketing mindset puts you in the minds of consumers long BEFORE they need to sell. (I can’t tell you how many times clients have told me that they go to take a listing and the home owner says, “we always knew we were going to use you when we were ready to sell, and now we are!” That is the type of result you’ll see by moving to a marketing mentality.)

However, like many things in life, it’s not an easy process. A common question and quandary that I hear when consulting with clients is, “Selling real estate and handling transactions is a full time job, when do I have time for implementing my branding and marketing?”

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Direct Mail Farming in the Online World

Direct Mail Farming in the Online WorldSimply put, Direct Mail is one of the most powerful marketing tools an agent can use. However, it is also the most misunderstood and the most widely misused.

As social media exploded, many agents chopped out direct mail from their marketing budgets to chase free social media marketing. The digital pundits proclaimed the death of Direct Mail as a viable marketing option. But don’t tell that to the agents who were disciples of Greg Herder’s ever evolving approach to Direct Mail systems.

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