Build Your Personal Brand
“Searching” Based Business Model vs. “Attraction” Based Business Model

Build Your Personal Brand!

Agents, ask yourself this important question: Do you know the difference between these two business models, and more importantly, do you know which one you fall in?

The sad truth is that the vast majority of agents fall into the “searching” based model. This is the model where you are searching for someone who needs to buy or sell real estate NOW. It is a tiring and all-consuming way to do business. It’s where you wake up each day, looking for “one more deal,” constantly worried about where you will find the next deal after that, and the next. You are on a hamster wheel. You are a pinball, not in control of your destiny, at the whim of luck and circumstance. The problem is that you have to put equal amounts of exertion and focus on finding business and then servicing that business. Back and forth. Back and forth. It’s either feast or famine.

Does this painful existence sound familiar?

The alternative is much better. An “Attraction” based business model is setting up a marketing system that ATTRACTS a steady flow of new business COMING TO YOU. This is how 80% of Top Producing agents generate their business.

How do you convert to this model? You do it exactly how Fortune 500 companies do it, by building a BRAND.

Branding and Marketing 101

This is a powerful advertising and marketing concept where you create a subjective value in the minds of consumers so that when they think of real estate, they think of YOU. It is quite simply the methodology of marketing that produces the HIGHEST RETURN ON INVESTMENT of your marketing dollars.

The great news is Greg Herder’s powerful training course, Building Your Personal Brand” can show you step by step how to build a personal brand, and most importantly, the action steps you need to take to turn that brand into the promised STEADY FLOW OF NEW CLIENTS. It’s like turning on a spigot of new leads and business.

Greg’s intensive course will clearly explain what you need in order to build your very own personal brand and how to avoid the costly mistakes agents make that cause them to throw thousands of dollars down the drain.

Greg breaks the process into clear and easy segments, covering all the action steps and showing you the exact steps you need to take to build a successful brand.

You will learn:

  • Why agents fail to understand exactly what it is they are selling to prospective clients.
  • Why some agents who provide a lower level of service than you can steal business from you.
  • The secret to why consumers will pay MORE for a product or service and how to apply that your real estate business.
  • How technology is changing the playing field and making it even MORE imperative that you create a brand.
  • Why consumers buy “emotionally” versus logically and why agents get this wrong time after time (costing them tens of thousands of dollars in lost opportunity!).
  • What a Strategic Brand Advantage is and how to create your personal SBA.
  • The number one stumbling block agents face when creating an SBA.
  • Why your marketing must be based on a STORY and how to find your story that will connect with your target market — and how that story is the key component that opens the spigot of new business coming your way.
  • The three MAIN components that go into any successful story.
  • Why “visibility” and “memorability” will get you much more business than “ability” (an agent with poor service will win the war of getting new clients over an agent who provides great service — EVERY TIME.

Branding Demystified

Greg demystifies the concept of branding so you can clearly see how it works and how you can apply it to your marketing efforts. The problem is that agents have not gone to a university to study the finer points of advertising and the principals that differentiate between effective marketing and marketing that is a complete waste of money and time. They don’t have the perspective that comes from running a successful ad agency that built hundreds of successful brands for agents and turned beginning agents into phenomenal success stories.

The Definitive Course on Personal Branding for Agents

The good news is that Greg Herder has done all of this. For over 30 years, he’s trained tens of thousands of agents on how to create and implement a brand and build a successful “attraction” based business model. He has condensed this incredible perspective and knowledge base into this powerful course.

Greg will give you the clear cut road map and step by step plan, with each action step you will need to build a successful “attraction” based branded marketing plan. Greg will share these powerful ideas and strategies:

  • The role of PERSONAL branding and COMPANY branding, and why so many agents get this wrong.
  • The common mistakes agents make in their advertising that produces TERRIBLE ROI (return on investment), and how to avoid them.
  • The 5 Core Evaluators you can use to determine if the STORY behind your brand will be effective or not effective.
  • The four key elements or building blocks to a brand (SBA, Slogan, Logo and color and graphic standards).
  • What “Social Proof” is and why it’s so important and the role it plays in brand building.
  • Greg’s critical 10 Step Brand Building Process.
  • What “collateral” pieces are and what are the key collateral pieces you will need to properly build and capitalize on your brand.
  • The one most strategic component of every branded piece (CTA – Call To Action), and why most agents fail miserably here.
  • The dos and don’ts behind effective CTA’s and step by step instructions on how to build the perfect CTA that will drive 30-45% more leads your way!

Case Studies of Successful Campaigns

In addition, Greg will walk you through some powerful Case Studies of Effective Branding campaigns that grew each agent’s business EXPONENTIALLY! Greg shows each component and marketing piece behind that campaign and carefully and clearly explains why each piece worked and accomplished the goal of creating a sustainable flow of business that took each agent’s production to an entirely higher level.

As you can see, this comprehensive course, spread over two courses, is the definitive course on how to build a successful personal branding campaign for real estate agents, written and taught by Greg Herder. Many consider Greg to be the pioneer and innovator of personal branding for the real estate agent.

Sign up for this powerful course, presented at a great price. You can revisit and re-take the course over and over again for up to six months. Sign up now!

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