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The Real Estate Agent’s COMPLETE Guide to YouTube

A small group of savvy agents have mastered the art of using YouTube marketing to attract clients, get more listings, manage client expectations and build a steady flow of leads. They are quietly positioning themselves to take market share from agents who have NOT mastered video marketing. Greg Herder’s online training series shows you step-by-simple-step what they are doing and how YOU can apply it to generate leads RIGHT NOW!


When it comes to harnessing the power of video, unfortunately, the VAST majority of agents are like a “deer in the headlights” — you’re frozen in fear, unable to avoid the oncoming collision.  That “collision” is the tipping point when those agents who have mastered video marketing on YouTube become the dominant players and systematically steal market share — at your expense.

VPSFeatureIt’s just one more way the industry is changing and leaving so many agents in the dust. There is a small percentage of agents who understand and have mastered how to market in the video age, and they are systematically stealing market share every day from agents who are “frozen in fear in the headlights.”

Greg Herder understands what you are going through and he can show you what you need to know to turn the tables. As a licensed agent, former broker, and real estate trainer to tens of thousands of agents across North America since 1986, he has made it his mission to help agents stay on top of the technology curve and harness it to help them build a brand and generate real business from each emerging technology.

That’s why Greg has created the perfect solution in the form of this 9 module online training series designed to be the COMPLETE  guide to understanding, implementing and harnessing YouTube. Presented in straightforward, easy to understand and easy to implement steps, you’ll walk away from this course a MASTER YouTube Agent.

Did You Know:

  • YouTube is the second largest search engine on this planet (second to Google, who owns YouTube). It is THE place for people to go for “how-to” videos, and to find the specific information they are looking for (and trust).
  • According to Inman news, 74% of homeowners say they would prefer to work with an agent who effectively uses video to market homes and promote their services.
  • 70% of Marketing Experts report that video converts leads and prospects better than any other medium.
  • YouTube is where your prospects are and WILL BE in larger numbers. Online videos users are expected to double to 1.5 Billion (with a “b”) in 2016. That includes your prospective buyers and sellers!
  • Verizon just paid more than $4 Billion dollars to acquire AOL, a widely acknowledged out of date company, just to get its hands on a proprietary video technology AOL owns.
  • A recent study reported that a video has a 53 times greater chance to rank higher in Google than a “textual” page.

This comprehensive online training series will give you everything you need to know to become a MASTER YouTube Agent!

“When you read the incredible statistics above it’s QUITE apparent where the world of real estate marketing is going. We work with many video savvy agents, it’s really refreshing to see when they GET it, and MORE IMPORTANTLY, they are getting the leads and generating real transactions from video marketing. For all these agents, the world of YouTube video marketing starts out as a mystery, but we help them grasp the principles, teach them the HOW-TO, and step-by-step, they become YouTube Masters.”

-Dennis LeBlanc – Creative Director,  Greg Herder Training

Here are some of the topics you will learn:

Become the area expert that attracts clients to YOU

You will know how to create area videos that create the impression that you are the expert for that area, and you will know how to avoid the critical mistakes that most agents make in creating area videos.

[Also: How to get your video viewed]
You will learn how to set up a compelling Youtube channel and how to describe your channel so that your videos are included in Youtube’s suggested videos whenever people are searching for or looking at real estate videos in your area.

Make your videos compelling with powerful calls to action

You will know how to create compelling calls to action at the end of your videos so that your video’s will be 24/7 lead generators for you. You will know how to professionally steer prospects to watch more or your videos after the first one is over.

Greg will show you how (and why) to create a branded video intro that plays at the start of every one of your videos you create.

Manage Your Client Expectations!
You will also know how to use your listing videos to make your seller feel like you are doing a great marketing job on their home and how to use it with other agents to stimulate more offers on your listings.

How to avoid the 5 deadly mistakes that cost viewership and reach

You will know how to avoid the 5 mistakes that most agents make in their videos and that stop them from getting promoted by Youtube as a suggested video.

You will know how to promote BOTH you and your listing effectively in your videos.

You will know how and why you must create a branded video intro, that plays at the start of every one of your videos.



Installment payments will be automatically charged monthly using the same form of payment applied to the initial installment.

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