The Listing Service System Manual

(The Complete Turnkey Program that Creates Raving Fans and More Referrals!)

Listing Service System

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Greg Herder’s Listing Service System is a step-by-step program designed to help agents systematically turn home sellers into raving fans who never question your commission — and actually go out of their way to send referrals to you. It’s turnkey and easy to follow and implement.

  • Have you ever worked extra hard and went out of your way for a listing client and they are STILL not happy?
  • Are you frustrated when an apparently happy listing client sings your praises, but never sends referrals your way?
  • Ever felt the sting of a client questioning the amount of your commission after the sale?
  • Looking for a turnkey system you can turn over to your assistant to implement that will provide you a 30% to 40% increase in referrals?
  • Want to know the most effective closing gift you can provide your sellers that won’t cost you an arm and a leg — AND WORKS LIKE MAGIC at making clients want to refer your services?

If you were to have an agency create these materials for you, it would easily run you over $2,500! And for the amount of referrals and happy clients this system will create, it is worth 3 times that.

Greg worked hard over the years and has perfected the system. His goal is to help agents like you reap the rewards of your hard work when you take on a listing. As an agent and Broker himself, his mission is also to constantly strive to improve the perception of the hard work and value they bring to home sellers and buyers. It is extremely painful for Greg to hear home sellers question the value agents bring and it is troubling to Greg to hear the constant attack on agents’ commissions. So he has priced his Listing Service System so that it is within reach to all levels of agents.

NOTE: Manual will be delivered in the MOBI e-reader format. This is compatible with all of the major e-Readers. If you do not have an e-reader, we suggest Calibre, which is free to use on your computer. A PDF version is also included.

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