Direct Mail Farming in the Online World

Build a Highly Profitable Direct Mail Farm in Today’s Online World!

  • DirectMailFeature2Dramatically increase the number of listings you take each month using the most consistent and predictable marketing tool in the history of real estate!

  • Often ridiculed by social media pundits as “old school,” Direct Mail is quietly producing amazing results, ESPECIALLY when it is set up to work in conjunction with your online marketing activities!

  • This powerful course will show you step-by-step how these top producers turn Direct Mail into direct listings!


Simply put, Direct Mail is one of the most powerful marketing tools an agent can use. However, it is also the most misunderstood and the most widely misused.

As social media exploded, many agents chopped out direct mail from their marketing budgets to chase free social media marketing. The digital pundits proclaimed the death of Direct Mail as a viable marketing option. But don’t tell that to the agents who were disciples of Greg Herder’s ever evolving approach to Direct Mail systems.


During the real estate crash, I was able to pick up business

“I implemented Greg’s Direct Mail plan in my farm during the real estate crash, and was able to pick up business in those tough times while many of my peers were forced out of the business. When the market turned around, I was able to reap the added bonus of a significant increase in business, all because I was following the Greg’s direct mail system. Thanks Greg!”


Direct Mail Farming in the Online WorldFor many agents, a direct mail program means sending a post card to about 100 surrounding homes after you take a listing. That is not a direct mail campaign. You may get lucky once in a blue moon, but that is not a strategy for long term success.

If you want a strategy for success, sign up for Greg’s powerful training course. In this course, you will learn:

  • How to select the perfect direct mail farm for you and your personality. Selecting the wrong direct mail farm has killed the chances of countless agents.
  • Exactly what to mail and when to mail it. Following this direct mail game plan will simply guarantee your success.
  • How to use direct mail to increase traffic to your website, YouTube channel and Facebook page.

This is a huge opportunity that average agents completely overlook.

 loftusI close over 100 transactions each year

“Today, Each and every time I send out a mailing to my farm, I get a call. Greg Herder’s direct mail strategies have been total game changer for me. I own my farm. No other agent comes close. I close over 100 transactions each year.”


Greg lays out the most compelling case for WHY and HOW Direct Mail in today’s digital age is so effective for so many top agents.

smithI grew my business and found more time for my family

“I took the principals Greg teaches about Direct Mail and built an incredible business for myself. And by generating a system to create a steady flow of business coming my way, I was able to grow my business AND find more time for my family. I get many “come list me” calls, the BUSINESS IS COMING TO ME! For all you agents out there, let that sink in for a moment.” 


Greg’s ability to clearly explain and define the ins and outs of direct mail make this training course so effective. Carefully structured and simple to understand, this course gives you the step-by-step instructions you need to mount a successful direct mail campaign exactly the way top producing agents do, the same agents who are having incredible success with it.


coughlinI literally took market share from my competitors

“The Direct Mail system Greg teaches gave me a strategic understanding of how to create and implement a brand, and I have used that information to literally take market share from my competitors and become the dominant agent in my farm. Greg explains everything so clearly and gives you the step-by-step instructions to make the process easier.” 


You will learn the science of direct mail based on Greg’s experience of helping agents mail millions and millions of pieces of direct mail. Greg maps it all out for you in clear, easy to understand language. It’s virtually turnkey.

crockettPeople in my farm feel like they know me

“I became the top agent in my farm following Greg’s teachings and formulas. People in my farm feel like they know me and I am getting a steady flow of listings. Thanks, Greg!”



The educational course is guaranteed. If it’s not everything we promised, your fee is fully refundable. Register now.

This knowledge will get you real business and closed transactions. I’m ready to learn how to run an effective direct mail campaign. I’m tired of wasting money and getting no results.

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