Half Day Events


Agent Branding: How and Why, you need to build a personal brand in real estate. A powerful brand image is what separates the superstar agents from good agents. (2-3 hours)

How to Select the Perfect Target Market for Your Personality and Skills: Trying to be all things to all people in real estate is the fastest way to failure. Every agent is different, find the niche that works for you will not only make you a lot more money, and it will also make you love every aspect of what you do.

How to Build a Profitable Online Farm: Learn how to create an effective online farm that will make you rich. Online Farming is the future of real estate marketing. (3-4 hours)

What to Post on Facebook: How to Engage Prospects and Clients with lead generating posts that they will love and that will make you money. (3 hours)

Online Advertising: How to capitalize on the most targeted, and effective advertising media ever created. Master Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, LinkedIn Advertising and YouTube Ads. (3-4 hours)

The Video Profit System: How to create a YouTube Channel that will generate a Steady Flow of Business. What videos every agent must have and how to make them without spending a fortune. (Half Day and Full Day Versions)

What every Real Estate Agent should know about Landing Pages and Lead Funnels. Power Landing pages and automated lead funnels are at secret behind virtually all the massive online marketing success stories. They are the key to turning your online adverting and social media activities into real transactions. (3-4 hours)

The Top Agent Past Client Follow-up System. Exactly what you need to send, and when to send it, so that you turn your past clients into a never-ending stream of business. (2 hours)

Direct Mail in the Digital Age: Direct mail is not dead; it has evolved and is still one of the most effective ways to build a successful real estate business. (2 hours)

The Listing Presentation that works every time. Learn six powerful questions that will transform you, from sales person to problem solver, in the seller’s mind. You will never go back to using a traditional listing presentation. (2 hours)

How to Build Buyer Loyalty: How to turn even today’s young buyers into loyal clients. How you do it will surprise you and make your life as an agent so much better. (2 hours)

The Listing Service System: How to make your sellers feel like you have gone above and beyond to get their home sold and turn them into lifelong raving fans and still have time for a life outside of real estate. (2 hours)

The Realtors Guide to Time Management. Real estate is a very demanding business. There are always a million things that you could and probably should do. Learn the time management secrets of today’s top agents. Agents tell me this is the most valuable course of any kind they have ever taken. (2-4 hours)

How to Set and Achieve Your Life Goals: What is the difference between a desire and a goal. The reason most agent fail to achieve their goals is that they mistook a desire or a day dream for a goal. This training program will make you think and challenge you to figure out what you want in life. (Half Day and Full Day Formats)

Mastering the Challenge of Life: What’s the difference between living an ordinary or an extraordinary life? Learn the power of a personal development mindset. Learn to master your emotions and live the life you have always wanted to live. This program is perfect for the whole family. It’s the best of what I learned working for Jim Rohn (3-4 hours)

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